Fraternity Overview

Epsilon Nu Delta Mortuary Fraternity, Inc. is a non-profit social organization for members of the mortuary profession. It’s organization in June 1942, sparked from the spirit of fellowship and camaraderie among students who met as a study club at Worsham College of Mortuary Science, Chicago, Illinois, in an effort to help each other in their common endeavor to study the art of their chosen profession.

The Founder, Thomas Whibby and his wife, Frieda C. Whibby, were among the original study group who foresaw the need for continuing the relationships thus established Epsilon Nu Delta to accomplish a goal with a broader scope embracing the whole profession.

Since the formal organization of Alpha Chapter on October 1, 1944, the fraternity has spread throughout the United States, it’s territories, and Africa. Alpha Chapter was formally incorporated in State of Illinois in 1945.

Our History

A Greek organization that began with twenty-five charter members of male and female students and professional morticians. It’s chapters are named from Greek alphabet as they are formed.
The purpose is to create good will and cooperation within the profession, to raise standards and to foster leadership for the profession and the community wherein its members reside. Our motto is “Science and Service.”
Devoted to the education of it’s members by providing ongoing educational seminars and published updates in order to increase their professional skills to serve the needs of their community.
Membership into this Fraternity is by invitation only and extended only to licensed embalmers having graduated from an acccredited school or program of mortuary science, passed the required examination by his/her state board and granted a license to engage in the practice of embalming. Licensees grand-fathered in by their state licensing board who have not graduated from a school or program of mortuary science are not eligible for membership.
Horus Club membership for mortuary science students is available once the student has completed at least one-half of the prescribed courses in a mortuary program and is currently and actively enrolled in said studies. Our goal is to establish a Horus CLub in half of the mortuary programs over the next few years.
  • National Publication, The Artery
  • National Leadership Summit for all members
  • Provide back to school supplies to local children in the communities where we meet in August.
  • Provide gifts for needy children during the Holiday Season.
  • Various fundraisers to facilitate scholarships through the National office and local chapters.
  • Offering national CEU’s through Professional Embalming / Restorative Art Seminars.
  • National membership Speakers Bureau.
  • National Scholarships for mortuary science programs.

National Headquarters

Office building
Epsilon Nu Delta Mortuary Fraternity is headquartered in Washington DC the seat of our Nation’s government. Our headquarters is a repository of the history of Epsilon Nu Delta both in a written and pictorial form. If you are in the area, please contact us so we can arrange a visit for you. We are located at 3718-22nd St. NE Washington, DC

National Leadership

Every organization has at its core dedicated leaders, and Epsilon Nu Delta is no exception. Here on the website, we are showcasing only some of our leadership: our national president, national coordinator, national general secretary and national treasurer. Please know that there are many more officers behind those shown below. They have in common their love for Epsilon Nu Delta, and they are all committed to science and service for the profession